Leonard Ravenhill said it a thousand times, “Christ is not coming back for an old bag woman – He's coming back for a Bride!” This wretched thing that we call the church today is not what I believe Christ shed his blood for, but I will say that I believe he is going to get what he paid for – the Father will make sure of that. Christ died for a spotless bride, and his blood has never lost its power - he's still on the throne, he has not yet forsaken this sad world (though she has long since forsaken him in the name of “Christianity”).

Consider with me... Would you be willing to turn all of the lights up, the smoke-machines off, stop all the pre-sermon fun and games, ice-breakers, and strategies designed to please seekers (i.e., lost men), no more concerts, just a few songs, a capella. Are you really willing to ask the hard questions: “Lord, is my church an old wineskin?” or, “Dear Jesus, is your 'new' thing going to contradict 'my' thing?” or, “Lord, am I really willing to say anything, go anywhere, or do anything? Am I considering my own name, reputation, church, ministry, or what family and friends will think of me?” Dear reader, you cannot please God and man. You cannot serve God and man. If you are the servant of man, then you cannot be the servant of God.

If you want to walk with God now in true power and communion of the Holy Ghost, and you desire to stay with Christ and not be one of the “many” who will be offended when he does this new thing in the earth, then you must forsake all of your ways and all of the things you consider indispensable and be a man sold out for Christ and his glory. This will look staggering in the Christian world we live in today, called America. You will be called a puritan, a methodist, a monk, a divisive fellow, and proud.

There will be a great shaking soon, and if you do not have the heart that I am describing, you will be lost in the process. This is not a game, brother and sister – sleeping virgins. I'm pleading with you to awake, arise from the dead and Christ will give you light! Trim your wicks, for the Bride-groom cometh! Go ye forth to meet him! The hour is hastening on now, our redemption is nearer than when we first believed, the evil day is approaching, the heavens are waxing old and the fires are kindling!

Reader, are you ready for the coming revival?